No Hands But Yours book

NO HANDS BUT YOURS… a chronicle of God’s Love Shown through His Servants, after the Haitian Earthquake


“Christ has no body now on earth but yours, no hands but yours, no feet on earth but yours…”  St. Teresa of Avila


6 days after the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, April Perry, founder of Luke’s Mission was on the ground providing medical relieve work in two hospitals where the injured and survivors came for help. 

No Hands But Yours details the account of her relief work through the use of real stories of those affected by the trauma of the disaster.  In her second book about her medical work in Haiti, readers will find April’s stories of these people poignant and heart rending.  Proving medical relief work in a country whose medical infrastructure was one of the worst in the world prior to the world worst natural disaster in modern history proved to be an extraordinary challeng for April and those on her team. 

The final chapers of the book updates readers on accounts of how some of the people in the book fared as she was able to find them month later to see how they were doing. 

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 Reviews of “No Hands But Yours”

Click here for full reviews:

“The book is terrific! Not only as an account of your personal experiences, it also serves as a collection of case studies that can be valuable for anyone going to provide medical care in Haiti or in other severely deprived place.”

“You have really accomplished alot with it…..WELL DONE!!”

“stayed up late into the night reading it….”

“….loved the book–stayed up late, late late finishing it. God has blessed you with a real gift for making your experiences come alive to your readers! Thank you for sharing ….”

 ” No hands but yours”  details April’s first response relief experiences, arriving in Haiti 7 days after the earthquake struck.  She chronicle’s her experience providing medical care for the ravaged nation’s populous , describing in  detail the situation that she encountered there.

Readers will find her accounts to be poignant, heart breaking and yet full of hope as she used her skills and talents to be present with great human suffering, ministering the name of the great Physician. 

 April Perry is an advanced practice nurse and Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Luke’s Mission.  She has provided medical care in Haiti for nearly 10 years. 

Click on the link below to read a sample of the book:

No hands but yours sample chapter

Click here to read Chapter 11 Angeline

Books are $15 each post paid and will be signed and inscribed. 



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